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What’s The Point of a “Fair” Price for a New Car? thumbnail

I was watching TV a few nights ago and up popped an advertisement for the TrueCar car-buying service. I was struck by the shift in terminology compared to previous TrueCar commercials—they now promote a “fair” price instead of touting great deals or big savings. The commercial implies that the dealer and the buyer magically agree [click to continue…]

Amazon Vehicles Looks a Lot Like A Shopping Page thumbnail

In my last post on the downside of car buying apps, I discussed their big shortcoming: no access to a truly competitive marketplace. I wished for a more Amazon-like experience. Little did I know that Amazon was about to move one step further into the automotive world. (Disclaimer: I’m an Amazon Prime member.) [click to continue…]

Using Car Buying Apps for New-Car Buying: The Down Side thumbnail

We live in an awesome age. I can easily pop open the amazon app on my phone and buy just about any product from numerous, competing sellers. I get instant access to descriptions, reviews, company ratings, and great, competition-driven (market) prices. [click to continue…]

How Much Car Can I Afford? thumbnail

You may have just begun your search for new wheels, or perhaps you’re trying to decide between buying new or used. The purpose of this post is to help you quickly understand the range of possibilities for your particular budget. [click to continue…]

How to Survive The Dealership Finance Office thumbnail

If you’re ever purchased a car at a dealership, the time spent in the finance and insurance (F&I) office may be among your most painful memories. This final step in buying a new car can be stressful, frustrating, and downright costly. However, with some planning and a little follow-through, you can vastly improve your next visit. [click to continue…]

What’s the Dealer Cost of a New Car? thumbnail

If the dealer cost of a new car could be determined, it sure would be a lot easier to know that you got a good deal, right? Even Consumer Reports used to recommend a similar approach, circa 2009: [click to continue…]

Buying a New Car Without Stressing or Overpaying thumbnail

Does the thought of buying a new car elevate your blood pressure? If so, this post is for you.

There really isn’t any other purchase more bizarre than buying a new car. Here in the age of online commerce, we are expected to walk into a showroom and accept an inflated sticker price, or engage in the tired ritual of negotiation. [click to continue…]