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What’s The Point of a “Fair” Price for a New Car? post image

TrueCar now promotes a "fair" price instead of big savings. So what's the point of this carefully chosen terminology?

Amazon Vehicles: A new destination for car research.

Amazon has a new research feature called Amazon Vehicles. All that's missing is a Buy button!

A graphic of three car buying apps displaying their initial screen

I'd love to be able to buy a new car using a mobile app. Unfortunately, today's apps come with a big down side.

How Much Car Can I Afford? post image

Are you buying a car? Get a quick understanding of the range of choices for your particular budget.

How to Survive The Dealership Finance Office post image

This final car-buying step can be painful. You can vastly improve your next experience with some preparation!

What’s the Dealer Cost of a New Car? post image

If you knew the dealer cost of a new car, you could know a good deal when you saw one, right?

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