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carswithease black and green 120 is a consumer-focused source of car-buying information, and is owned and operated by Requisite Press, LLC.

The mission of is to empower  you, the consumer, to gain the benefits of real dealer competition without the typical hassle of negotiation, or the price compromise of third-party services. We believe that you should be able to get the information you need in the form you want it—a quick read, a detailed guide, or personalized guidance.

And, finally, we strive to provide timely auto-buying insight and commentary through the BLOG. We hope you’ll visit and become part of the community!

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Requisite Press, LLC was founded by Phil Kelton in 2012 to publish information and insight capable of transforming the buying experience without compromise.

In late 2013, Requisite Press published Power Shift, an in-depth guide to negotiation-free new-car buying. Early in 2014, Requisite Press developed and began publishing the monthly Auto Buyer’s Affordability Index (ABAI). The Index is a measure of new-car affordability based on the 20-4-10 auto financing rule with reference to the U.S. median household income.  Shortly after launching the Index, Requisite Press launched AffordCheck(SM), a free online affordability calculator based on the 20-4-10 rule. Using AffordCheck(SM), consumers are able to assess the affordability of their own new-car purchase. was launched in 2016 along with two new resources: The 15-Minute Guide to Negotiation-Free New Car Buying ebook, and LearntoPREP.

A Note from the President

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Phil Kelton

“In life, it’s often the case that a tidbit of the right information will make all the difference. As it turns out, new-car buying is no exception.

As I prepared to buy a new car in 2010, I was amazed at the lack of true market competition. Here in the age of Amazon, seemingly, the only hope of obtaining a reasonable level of competition was to trudge from dealership to dealership and attempt to match wits with professionals. It seemed silly to negotiate for a widely-available, mass-produced product. We’re not talking about a rare work of art or a unique piece of real estate!

I knew that the alternatives—concierge services or buying apps and sites—were essentially costly middlemen. I simply wasn’t willing to compromise on price to get a better car-buying experience. So, being a problem solver by nature and an engineer by training, I began working on a solution.  My objective was to maximize dealer competition, minimize the hassle, and avoid a price compromise.

The results? I purchased my new car at 4 percent under invoice and nearly 13 percent under MSRP—all without negotiation! I didn’t have to give my personal information to a third-party service, and the only time I visited a dealership was to pick up my car. I had quotes from multiple dealers, so I arrived at the dealership in the driver’s seat, so to speak. That made all the difference in the way I was treated.

I referred above to my engineer training. I developed many complex systems throughout my 28-year engineering career, but my final position—leader of Raytheon’s $100+ million next-gen GPS business—had the greatest impact on the solution. Here’s the bottom line: Governments and large corporations simply don’t negotiate for commonly available products, and neither should you. I’m delighted to share this method with you, and I look forward to hearing about your negotiation-free, new-car purchase!”